Welcome to a new section of AB, the blog.  Being that two of us here at AB got our start as automotive journalists, it made sense that we should have a place to document our work, travels and shenanigans on our site.  It'll take a bit to get going, but expect this area to be fairly active with posts, stories, pictures, and maybe even some videos for your viewing pleasure.


It'll be fun, and it's how  two of us got our start in this creative industry as photographers.  What we love?  Culture, and how in this day and age, how accessible different cultures are.  It's safe to say that the three of us that currently make up AB live, eat, and breathe cars, and the respective cultures in the US and Japan.  Our goal with this new project is to share our viewpoints of those cultures through media, as well as personal  projects.   So sit back and enjoy the ride. 

Posted on September 4, 2017 and filed under Cars.